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The Oak And Honey Interiors Story

Posted by Danielle Raubuck on

Curating a home collection and decorating your home is so enjoyable, right? For so many friends, family, and clients the answer to this question is often an enormous, all caps, resounding, “NO!” I absolutely understand- there are infinite home decor and furniture stores in this world that run the full gamut of budgets and it is so often very difficult to know where to begin. I have to admit though, I get really excited about this form of feeling lost because of the potential in the infinite options- I also understand this is a rare quality. 

I have had a love for interior design since childhood (I had more fun rearranging the furniture in and crafting decor for my Barbie house than playing with the dolls most days as a little girl). This love for design and styling transformed into The view from our apartment in River North, Chicagopassion and fulfilment in adulthood that has only grown deeper as my husband and I have moved homes four times. Each home we have lived in has had a vastly different style (see photos in chronological order throughout this post!)- from our urban, high rise apartment in Chicago to our rustic, industrial condo in Nashville to our uber modern first single family home in Fayetteville, Arkansas and now to our modern farmhouse in Appleton, Wisconsin- creating a feeling of “home” with each transition has been my first priority. 

As our homes have evolved, so has my sense of style and permanency of the pieces I have selected for decor and furniture (YES! I still occasionally buy from Ikea but investing in heirloom pieces is so important too! And the secret’s out- Our condo in the Icon Building in the Gulch, Nashville, Tennesseedesigning a home can be done on any budget!). I have a strong belief that the creation of home is unrelated to the price tags of either the home or the pieces within it. My homes have always felt complete when I could walk in, take off my shoes and set down my bag (in their designated spaces), and knew I could breathe a sigh of relief because whatever additional baggage I was carrying from the day could be supported by the rooms that held the things and moments most precious to me. I have always had a budget to work within for our homes and feel that the best way to begin making a home is through the collection of neutral and timeless The kitchen of our home in Fayetteville, Arkansaspieces that are transitional with any event and season. I also love a good DIY that pushes my comfort with power tools and my own creativity. After reflecting on these foundational beliefs and sources of personal fulfilment, the idea of Oak and Honey, LLC was born. 

Oak and Honey Interiors has been my passion project for the last year and began during much reflection while waiting nearly 8 months for my professional counseling license to be transferred from Arkansas after moving to Wisconsin in May of 2019. I began exploring other employment options during the wait time to fulfill the creative A favorite view from the back of our home in Arkansasoutlet need I was experiencing and to balance the anxiety of again moving to a new city for my husband’s career and without my own. In the winter of 2019, my husband and I came very close to opening a brick and mortar store in the Fox Valley area but realized quickly the ties that would bind us to the physical location- we love to travel and cherish holidays with our families and thought long and hard about the sacrifices that would need to be made for this endeavor. Little did we know only two months later our country would face a disastrous national pandemic which could have taken everything from us had we made the financial investment for a brick and mortar store. (I have always loved shopping small but am especially committed to doing so this year and during this holiday season, knowing the catastrophic effects of the pandemic on local and national small businesses).

Thankful is a word I will continue to use when I think of the postponement of not only my counseling license but also the dream of Oak and Honey Interiors. Our family has faced devastating loss and fearsome health problems unrelated to Covid-19 throughout the first half of this year. Having the flexibility to cope myself and support my family in coping with these pitfalls of the year has been a true blessing that I know I will only grow more grateful for as years go by and I can more subjectively reflect on the time. I stand with those of you who have also faced grief and loss (in all their forms) this year and honor the struggle and resilience to navigate this time. 

As the dust settled in August of this year, my Oak and Honey dream was reignited with Our current home in Wisconsinthe inspiration from a wonderfully fantastic group of women in the Instagram community and supported by my gorgeous friends and family. Oak and Honey lives and breathes after a year of work, ups and downs in the swings and swells of balancing the everyday, a million questions, a handful of road blocks, and a lot of love and support from old and new friends. (Thank you. You know who you are.) Oak and Honey Interiors is now a curated home design e-commerce store supplying essential items and unique decor finds to cultivate the setting of our customers’ most precious moments in their home. I will also often share my own DIY projects and favorite places to shop for decor, lighting, furniture pieces, etc. through this blog. I additionally now offer interior and solution design services on a room-by-room basis (find more information about working with me 

Another view of our Wisconsin homehere). I am forever grateful to work with my clients as well as offer a specially curated home collection from global makers to bring a bit of my home style to yours. So shop away- if you have anything you have been trying to source but struggling to find- drop me a line- and as always, I will continue to look forward to our time here.

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